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We help do-gooders do more.

In a crowded field of committed nonprofits clamoring for attention and donations,
Good work doesn’t speak for itself.

Raising Help knows what it takes to continue to do good work, and it is more than just recognition. Your cause-messaging must inspire a community of future volunteers and donors to take action, while also supporting the needs of your base—board members and existing stakeholders.

The Raise Up Model

To make the best use of every nonprofit marketing dollar, we help raise money and expectations for a better future.

The Raise Up Model allows charitable organizations the opportunity to support other nonprofits. At no extra cost to our clients, Raising Help matches a portion of the actual budgets of our work for nonprofits. These in-kind contributions support cause-oriented campaigns as pro-bono work, to provide critical resources that small start-ups need, but can not afford.

By partnering with Raising Help, you create a full-circle of support. Even a small reinvestment can spur the growth of a vital mission and have a lasting impact. Join us in adding power to this movement in marketing, and jumpstart another important cause.

We get creative to make a difference.