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Are You Tweeting Effectively?

Posted: August 7, 2017 at 3:30 pm

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If your nonprofit is already on Twitter, you’ve made a great first step! Engaging with your target audience by meeting them on the social media platforms they use is vital to increase brand awareness and gain a loyal group of followers, volunteers, donors and supporters. To keep them interested and following your page, take these Twitter tips into account:


Get Verified

Twitter users will feel much more at ease following a link on a Twitter account that has been verified as an authentic organization. Who knew a simple blue check mark beside your name could mean so much?


Place Your Links Wisely

By placing the link at the end of your tweets, even after hashtags, users are better able to click on the link and drive traffic to your website. This also maintains a clean look to your tweets.


Don’t be Tempted by Link Shorteners

It may feel better and look cleaner to shorten your Twitter links with or, but if you are hoping to analyze how much traffic your tweets are bringing your website, avoid shortening them. Google Analytics is not able to effectively analyze shortened links on social media accounts.


Stay Visual

Your tweets are much more likely to receive more engagement if they contain an image that catches the eye and draws attention. Just be sure to keep your images relevant to your tweet topics.


Utilize Your Hashtags

Believe it or not, hashtags serve a very important purpose. When you tack on a hashtag to your tweets that has to do with a campaign your nonprofit is doing or an event you’re hosting, tweets can easily be searched for and found. Not only will this help you see how many people are engaging with you and your hashtags directly, but you can also gain more visibility for your tweets by using hashtags that are searched for often.


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