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At Raising Help, we are about good communication. We believe supporters need to know just as much about your organization as the cause you are championing. And, exposure out in the community and online provides new opportunities to raise brand awareness.

A rewarding conversation (or profitable conversion) requires a clear message to someone primed to receive it. The exchange must be honest and often. But, knowing the best way to engage others about your work requires expertise. And, developing a personal connection in the digital age takes finesse.

Powered by Mopdog, Raising Help crafts smart messaging to get an audience to react in a particular, practical way. We deliver the following communications:

  • Email — Strategy, Content + Development, Launch + Tracking
  • Social Media — Blog + Social Network Messaging, Planning + Implementation
  • Public Relations — News Release Writing + Distribution, Market Positioning
  • Media Relations — Relationship Building, Engagement Tracking + Reporting

Get results that show the effect of your good work. Contact Raising Help for better communication.