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The good work your organization does fills a vital role in the community. Because your good work is also your brand, it is critical every level of your organization is focused on accomplishing that exact mission.

Raising Help is here to support and elevate your organization’s “business” development by building a consensus around fundraising and messaging tactics. Our team will start by implementing a perception survey to compile detailed market research on your organization’s strengths and weaknesses. To make the most of this information, Raising Help can organize an advisory board meeting or retreat to strengthen your leadership team around the steps needed to take your charity to the next level, or make it more sustainable.

Every tool Raising Help implements is meant to help your staff or volunteers do more good in less time, with less resources. Raising Help will set a formal communication’s policy, so every member of the organization is aware of the goals and tactics that will be used to share your mission. Our team offers training on social media, web maintenance and content tools for staff, volunteers and executive board members.

Our bold collateral is designed to standout, but every piece is also built to reinforce your charitable goals. Raising Help is powered by Mopdog to deliver:

  • Market Research and Analytics
  • Communications Policy and Tool Training
  • Leadership Development and Advisory Retreats
  • Quarterly/Annual Reports • Fundraising Event Planning

Most importantly, every tool Raising Help designs is meant to help your staff or volunteers do more good in less time, with less resources. Our team offers extensive training on social media and web development tools for staff, volunteers and even executive board members. Raising Help, in combination with Mopdog, also shares numerous marketing strategy insights through newsletters and webinar series.

It’s time your organization rises to the occasion for better business outcomes. Contact Raising Help for leadership development.