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Check Off Your To-Do List

Posted: September 18, 2017 at 2:32 pm

Your priority as a nonprofit organization is not social media. It’s not spending hours on blogging, or updating your website. It’s not spending time crafting beautifully designed graphics and brochures for your fundraising efforts. Your priority as a nonprofit is to accomplish your organization’s mission (be it fundraising, raising awareness, etc.) efficiently in order to focus your resources on the things that matter most.

Nonetheless, gaps are created between realizing you need some of these marketing and communications pieces in order to fulfill your mission.


And that’s where Raising Help comes in to play. We recognize your good deeds, your desire to prioritize your resources and your to-do lists, and we want to support your organization to strengthen our do-gooders in the community!

We offer a number of marketing services to nonprofits in the community so they can get back to impacting the lives of children and families. And that’s how we fulfill our mission of empowering your nonprofits with the talent and expertise needed to build a brand, raise awareness, foster meaningful change and enhance supporter engagement!

Contact us if your nonprofit could benefit from marketing and communications assistance.