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Fundraising with Limited Resources

Posted: June 20, 2017 at 8:00 am


The work of nonprofits is the work of setting and achieving goals with limited resources. The way you achieve those goals is by following a set plan or path, but before you can establish a meaningful plan, you need to set a budget. This blog specifically focuses on the fundraising aspect of your organization.


Here are a few tips to plan your nonprofit’s fundraising budget:

Look into free mediums and platforms first.

With so many users on social media networks, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be utilizing these free sources for fundraising efforts. Use strategies such as sharing your story, engaging with your audience and maintaining a visual presence online in order to maximize your potential on these platforms. Analyze which networking sites your target market engages with most, and create engaging material that they can’t help but read and react to. Depending on your organization and your audience, some social media sites to look into include: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube!


Compare your fundraising income over the years.

It costs money to raise money. So, in order to better plan your fundraising budget for this year, look into previous years and see how you did as a whole. Also identify where your peak seasons were. Research which are repeat gifts, and which are unlikely to be given again. Once you determine these numbers, you can better examine how much budget to set for fundraising efforts in the coming year based on what was previously spent and with what outcome.


Research software that can enhance your efforts.

There are a variety of software options you can utilize in order to create a smooth online donating process, plan fundraisers and events for your organization and house your donor contact list and profiles. Software like this, such as Aplos Donor Management, Salsa CRM and Bloomerang, can cost your organization one to two hundred dollars a month depending on the services you need.


Whether your organization has extra room in the budget for fundraising, or has to stick to free methods and word of mouth, Raising Help loves helping do-gooders do more good work. Give us a call at 678-737-7333 or contact us if you have questions about enhancing your fundraising efforts!