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How to Choose the Right Nonprofits to Support

Posted: November 29, 2016 at 4:16 pm




The holiday season is a special time to many people, and it can seem that everyone is just a bit more generous during these times. This especially holds true today, which is Giving Tuesday!

When you make a pledge to financially support a nonprofit, you make a commitment to their mission, and you promise to help make that mission a successful one. But how do you know that the nonprofit you’ve chosen to support is sincere in their drive to do good?


Here are a few tips on making sure your support is going to the right nonprofit.

  1. Find an organization that lines up with your values. Making sure that you’re passionate about giving to this nonprofit is possibly one of the most important steps in giving. If your hearts in it, you’ll have no trouble giving to the cause.
  2. Evaluate the nonprofit using a charity-rating tool. While most nonprofits have good in their hearts, it’s a sad fact that not all of them devote their full resources to their mission. There are, unfortunately, too many nonprofits that don’t accomplish much. For that reason, it’s important to make sure the nonprofit you support is one that is committed to successfully achieve their goals.
  3. Support in a realistic (and sustainable) way. Finding that nonprofit that you feel profoundly moved to support sometimes makes you want to go all in right away. While this is a touching sentiment, going too big one time can be less helpful than you might think. If you want to support the nonprofit you’ve chosen in a helpful and continuous manner, consider donating on realistically on a consistent basis.

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By following these guidelines, you’ll maximize your support for your chosen nonprofit, and you’ll increase the good work that the people involved in the organization can do.


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