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Keep Performance High in Changing Times

Posted: August 22, 2017 at 3:00 pm


No matter where you look, the change is happening all over the place – in government, in the local, state and national news and even in your individual organization. How are these changes altering your mission, your goals and objectives and your overall company performance? The following are tips to keep performance high in your nonprofit organization in the midst of changing times:

Make sure board members are in the know.

Have a meeting with the board to discuss outside changes that can/will affect your organization. Answer any looming questions and open up the room to allow members to discuss thoughts, concerns, hopes and plans to advocate and fulfill your organization’s mission through everything.

If shifts to your organization are necessary, identify the reason and plan ahead.

Change might be coming to your organization in a number of ways – regulations, leadership, processes, etc., but you can keep everyone performing well in the company if you stay transparent. Share changes your staff will encounter and make sure they understand why they are necessary, as well as how your action plan in response to the changes will benefit the organization.

Understand and respect the difficulties of change.

There will be people that will resist change, not want to comply at first or simply don’t see the need for it. Know this resistance and misunderstanding will occur, and prepare to empathize with the various reactions you will receive. Supporting board members and acknowledging their concerns will help them come to terms with the decision to change.

Be the first advocate for your organization.

As a leader in the nonprofit, people will be looking to you first and foremost to see how you respond to changes in the organization. Instead of advocating change and resenting it behind closed doors, learn to see the silver lining in every change and show your board how to genuinely cope with the changes and benefit both the organization and individuals.


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