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Ready, Set, Engage in 2016!

Posted: January 13, 2016 at 10:31 am

Hard to believe, but we’re already half-way through January! Are you still putting the finishing touches on your communications and engagement strategy? Or, are you overwhelmed by what’s still left to do before you can launch your efforts? There’s no need to panic. Raising Help can lend a hand.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 9.55.47 AMThe secret to any communications effort is to keep your message simple and memorable. The person who may be hearing about you for the very first time should be motivated to come back because you’ve provided them with options to get involved. By consistently communicating and providing compelling, emotional stories that speak to your organization’s mission, you can more deeply engage your core supporters and recruit new advocates ready to get involved and make a difference. So let’s get to work!


How Can We Help?
At Raising Help, we work within your budget to help you succeed in carrying out your communications and engagement efforts. Here are just a few ways, we can assist:

  • Marketing Plan — Market Assessment, Direct Marketing Management
  • Branding — Market Research, Focus Groups + Perception Surveys, Positioning
  • Fundraising — Lead Generation, Donor Strategy
  • Campaigns — Cause Marketing Strategy
  • Consulting — Interim, Long-term Advisory
  • Event Planning — Strategy, Coordination, Facilitation

To learn more about community and donor engagement strategies that work and
how we can help, contact Cheryl Musial, Do-Gooder.